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The Mighty Dot

The World's most advanced anti-theft identification system

The principle behind Mighty Dot is very simple - Spray or apply enough identification micro dots over the equipment or "valuable" items, to make it impossible for a thief to dispose of the equipment or "valuable" items so identified with Mighty Dot.

Datadot [that is how it is known in Australia] started to be produced in 1996. Microdot Technology has been available for many years; first developed by the military for use in espionage, the "Mighty Dot" form takes microdots to a new dimension of commerciality and usefulness to stakeholders such as:

  • auto resellers
  • law enforcement agencies
  • registration authorities
  • insurers and consumers.


"To deliver the ultimate community responsible theft deterrent system, reduce
the disposal value of stolen goods, and increase the conviction rate of thieves".

In the Maltese Islands, Mabrouk Ltd have been entrusted with the exclusive
distribution of the full range of Mighty Dot applications.

161, Zabbar Road,
Paola PLA07,
(+356) 21 693 908
(+356) 21 673 063