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Every area has been addressed to ensure continued security and authenticity of the system.

Unique Fonts:
Fonts unique to Might Dot are employed. These fonts will be impossible to duplicate without using the exact laser machine and software developed and used by Mighty Dot.
The production software is designed to exclude duplications of VINs and PINs. In other words, no specific VIN or PIN can be etched onto more than one dot batch without management intervention and authority.
All security arrangements at Might Dot production facilities are in accordance with the best practice for such facilities.

Technical Information

Both systems have their merits. PIN dots are normally roduced for the aftermarket. These have a Unique Identification Number and the Telephone Number of the database (ISR) that is used by Mighty Dot. Usually PIN dots have only the VIN but can be made with a Telephone Number or other Identifier as well on request. VIN and PIN dots can also be made for repair on crash damaged vehicles or where substantial warranty replacements are made and these have the word "REPAIR" (or "WARRANTY" if required) under the VIN and PIN.
1.2mm (+/- 0.1mm) diameter
Base Thickness:
Overcoat Thickness:
Approx 1 micron
Characters on Dot:
10 to 20 microns wide giving 50 line
pairs per millimeter.
Row Spacing:
75 to 100 microns depending on resolution.
Anti-Curl Layers Thickness:
1 to 2 microns
Shelf Life:
Dry Dots 20+ Years; Applied Dots 20+ Years
Dots In Liquid Adhesive:
Should be applied within 12 months
Custom made water based adhesive. Adhesive is white when applied but cures clear. A UV fluorescing trace is added for ease of location.

How To Locate, Identify and Apply Mighty Dots

How Are Mighty Dots Located?

When applied, the adhesive is white but cures clear and a UV dye is added that allows the adhesive to glow under Ultra Violet Light, making the finding and reading of dots simple and trouble free.

How are Mighty Dots Identified?

Reading of Dots is straightforward using a simple pocket microscope. A Dot is removed from the vehicle or plant or valuable asset [such as a PC or Notebook] and placed on a white surface. The viewer is placed over the top of the dots and the code number is read and checked by the police either in the VIN or PIN Databases. In the case of commercial dots [valuable assets such as furniture, personal computers and notebooks] the information in the dot normally is a company name and telephone number showing the identity of the owner.

How are Mighty Dots Applied?

Spray System:
The Patented Mighty Dot Spray System enables the application of thousands of Mighty Dots.
Features Include:
  • One Time Use Canister and Nozzle so no risk of Picture Of Spray cross contamination Gun
  • Mighty Dot exclusive water based adhesive for minimum environmental issues
  • Low Air pressure (18psi / 1.24 bar) for safe and easy use
  • Simple to use for consistent results
  • Suitable for New and Used Vehicles
  • Suitable for Plant and Equipment
  • Suitable for Boats and Outboard Motors
  • Suitable for Computers, furniture and other valuable items found in Offices, Homes and Schools.
Brush-On Application:
Choose the area to apply the dots (In most cases this will be in a concealed area such as inside a computer case) and ensure the area is clean and dry. If being applied to an electrical device it must be turned off and disconnected from its power supply. Do not apply dots to printed circuit boards as there may be a risk of short circuits.

Remove the lid of a microdot pot and dip the bud into adhesive. Dots will adhere to the bud and this can then be used to transfer them to the surface to be marked.

The adhesive is white in colour when applied but becomes clear as it cures. The microdots will be visible (on light colour surfaces) as black specks so for this reason they should be applied in a concealed area. The adhesive is designed to fluoresce under Ultra Violet light thereby making it easy for Police and others to identify the property / asset marked.

Aim to have several dots applied in several areas. Kits typically contain more than 100 dots for each item to be marked. Repeat until completed.

Note: The adhesive will stay liquid in the bottle for around a year provided the cap is tightly replaced after use but avoid leaving the bottle standing with the cap removed.

Apply a warning decal to each item in a clearly visible area.


In 1948 the single datadot micro-etched with information was invented. By 1992 datadots were combined with adhesive and using a brush they were applied to items such as cameras, desktop computers, notebook computers, Hi-Fi equipment, TV Sets, Furniture and other items of value normally found in homes. Through this improvement, equipment on which data-dots were applied could be identified and traceable to their owner.

Nine years later the big leap in the capability of datadots was realised. Datadots started to be sprayed on motor vehicles, motorcycles, boats, plant and machinery thus, for the first time, the market could boast of having available a DNA system that served as a very efficient and reliable an anti-theft identification system.

In the UK and Malta Data-Dots are known as Mighty Dots.