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The Unique DNA for Vehicles

The Problem

Car theft worldwide is big business; with a car being stolen somewhere every 10 seconds thieves are netting £12 billion per year! Whether it’s a brand new 4X4, a seven year old saloon stolen for parts, a three year old hot-hatch rung to replace an insurance write off or a premium limo shipped out to serve a market where the model is in short supply the problem affects new and old cars alike.

Immobilisers have virtually stopped joy riders but professional thieves just hit the weak link ~ the driver.

The results affect us all:

  • House Breaking and Burglary for keys has increased.
  • Car-jacking has become commonplace with thieves quite willing to use violence.

What can be done?

Police, Thatcham (the Insurers Research Centre) and even thieves will tell you that as long as it's easy to change the identity of a vehicle it is easy to resell it for a premium price. In the case of an older vehicle being broken for parts the situation is even worse as these are virtually impossible for Police to link back to a stolen vehicle. If cars could be permanently identified thieves would find their sales routes drying up. No point in stealing what you can't sell.

So if everyone agrees better identification is the best way to deter professional thieves why isn’t it done?
Simple ~ it's been too difficult and too expensive up to now.......

Mighty Dot
Our revolutionary microdot spray system enables thousands of dots to be applied quickly and easily to all of the car's major components. Developed to meet Australia's National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council criteria for theft deterrent identification systems (we are the only one that meets this!) our dots are now fitted as original equipment by BMW, Porsche, HSV, Mitsubishi RalliArt, Ford Mustang and Subaru to all of their new vehicles sold in Australia.

In the UK Mitsubishi and Peugeot already offer Mighty Dot as an option on their vehicles with many other manufacturers planning to offer this option over the coming months.

The worldwide solution to protecting your valuable assets from theft, employing unique identification technologies.

DataDot distributes this technologies in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Malta,
New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and the United Kingdom.