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About Us
W.I.S.E. was set up in 1973 and in late 1989 established its quarters at 161, Zabbar Road , Paola.
The Divisions
W.I.S.E. is more renowned locally as an Information Technology organisation. Since 1988 it succeeded to secure a sizeable portion of the local computer-related market. The qualities of service together with that of the equipment has been the foundation on which the ever-increasing client-base has been built.
Client Base
Our Client Base has, within the span of these last 15 years grown rapidly and now includes, Corporate Institutions, Para Statal Organizations, Government Departments, the University, Hotels, Restaurants Night Clubs, Home Users and Schools.

However, during 2005 it was decided not to continue to operate in the PC sector and to concentrate on Security and Biometric Solutions.

Patrol Monitoring
Jackson Barnes Ltd - In 2001 the representation of Jackson Barnes Ltd of the United Kingdom was secured. Jackson Barnes Ltd produces the CheckPoint Patrol Monitoring System. Since then these CheckPoint Patrol Monitoring Systems have been installed in Hotels, Schools, Government Departments, Armed Forces, Prisons, Fairs & Exhibition Grounds and also in the Leisure Sector.
BlueCard – BlueCard is a product manufactured in China and it has some characteristics that are not found in CheckPoint and this is the reason why we decided to offer this system alongside CheckPoint.

Wireless Alert Solutions
MDH Wireless Technologies - We have lately secured the representation of MDH Wireless Technologies [ UK ] as well. This company manufactures “wire free alert” products such as Zone Security Alarm System, Zone Assistant Call System, Wireless Staff Call System, Wireless Guard Alert System and the Wireless Remote Activated Dialer.

Tamper Evident Seals
We secured the representation of SAFCON, which is one of the largest manufacturers of tamper evident security seals available on the world market.
Safcon are specialized manufacturers of practical and effective tamer evident and high barrier security seals to curb tampering, theft, adulteration and pilferage. Their Seals are supplied worldwide to various sectors including the transport & cargo, electric, water and gas utilities, banks, couriers, petroleum, telecom, airlines, healthcare, hotels, chemical and bulk drug supplies, lubricants, agrochemicals, postal services, warehouses, shipping, customs & excise, amongst others.

Anti-Theft Tracking System
Mighty Dot - During 2004 we entered into an agreement with Mighty-Dot UK and through this agreement we are now the exclusive representatives of Mighty-Dot in Malta.

Mighty Dot is a unique spraying system that is used on Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles and Heavy Equipment. Mighty Dots are 1mm discs produced using a polyester substrate with a laser etch code number repeated many times across the dot. When Mighty Dots are sprayed, the Car, Boat or Heavy Equipment will benefit from a unique DNA for its life.

The local Police accepted to be given absolute access facilities to the Main Server on which all the vehicles, boats and heavy equipment are listed. It is being offered as an after-market optional by the main car importers.

Biometric Solutions
In the beginning of 2005 we entered into a partnership with an Asian Systems Integration Company and through this partnership we are now capable to offer a complete range of Professional Biometric Solutions including Attendance Monitoring, PC LogOn Security and Access Control Systems at a very attractive price-tag. Through this partnership we are in a position to be very flexible especially where custom-made solutions are required.
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