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Biometric Solutions


Comprehensive, Cost-Effective& Affordable

Finger_id Biometric Solutions are IDEAL FOR S.M.E.s such as:

Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Shops, Workshops, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Government Departments, Universities, Colleges, Companies Insurances, etc

Attendance Monitoring

Attendance Monitoring and Time Logging products in the Finger_id range offer:

Improved administrative control
Secure authentication eliminating the feared “proxy” or “buddy” punching
Nullifies the cost of cards
Central storage of data with backup server support


In their Standard Versions, these products include a robust and efficient Biometric Sensor with a very high guaranteed hit rate. The software supports the full functionality of the biometric sensor that eradicates abuse and gives employers/managers an efficient monitoring tool. Installation and training are also included in our highly affordable prices.

Fingerprints are automatically encrypted within the Sensor before being sent to a local or remote pc/server. A challenge-response link is used in this process for additional security. The robust, easy-to-integrate sensors that are used in our products have an unmatched ability to quickly recognize even the hardest to read fingerprints, and accurately reads fingerprints placed at any angle. In addition, it is less subject to malfunctions due to scratches and produces better image quality, especially for dry fingers. The scanning area of our Sensor encompasses the entire fingerprint for the greatest accuracy at a lower cost than a capacitive sensor with the same area.

Cost-Effective Solutions

These products are a one-time investment for any Company whether in the single-user version or in the multi-user configuration. Our prices bring integrated Biometric Technology within the reach of even the smallest employer even for those with less than 5 employees. Our Finger_id solutions can cater also for those employing more than 200.

Access Control

You no longer have to choose between security and convenience. Finger_id Access Control package ensures that physical entries into your facilities are completely authenticated and verified. More than this, if you require further customization to suit your requirements, it will be integrated, of course at a very low cost.

Reports Generation

Apart from the normal fixed format reports, [Present / Absent and Late Arrivals / Early Departures reports, Hour Worked, etc] the Finger_id software packages allow a wide range of customized reports, which enable managers to exercise complete control of the activities within the company.

PC LogOn Security

A proficient and reliable security system that encrypt files which would only be opened through the verification of your finger print

Key specifications
Pixel resolution: 480 dpi
Size: 54mm(w) x 65mm(l) x 27mm(h)
Image capture area: 12mm x 17mm
Fingerprint Matching Speed: < = 0.3 secs
Image Capture Time: < 1 sec
USB Interface
Compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98

High quality image
Single, optimum image transmitted
Rotation invariant – Reads at any Angle
Challenge-response link to prevent play-back attacks
Encrypted image data
Cancels latent fingerprints
Works well with dry, moist, or rough fingerprints
Proprietary optics (patent pending)
Small footprint, Rugged, Plug-and Play
ESD resistant
Low cost, compact design
No external interface cord or power supply required
Supply Voltage 5V +/- .25V (supplied by USB interface)
Supply Current 100mA (type.) while scanning fingerprint
60 mA (typ.) Idle mode
2.5mA (max.) Suspend mode
ESD Susceptibility > 8KV
Temperature, Operating 5–35 0C
Humidity, Operating 20%-80% non-condensing
Temperature, Storage –10%-60 0C
Humidity, Storage 20%-90% non-condensing
USB Specifications USB 1.1 compliant: Full-speed, high power, bus-powered, bulk
Cable USB, 0.8m (31”)
Standards Compliance FCC Class B, CE, VCCI
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