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Nap Zapper
The Guardian Angel For Drivers

Main Features
An innovative product specially designed for the human safety;
Light weight, compact and graceful, ideally integrating art, industrial design and physical characteristics;
Safe, reliable, easy to use, it might be a lifesaver for someone traveling alone;
Low power consumption, long working life;
Practical not only for drivers, but also for young students, night supervisors, machine watchers and any occasions one can imagine;
Beautiful packing with leather pouch and color gift box or blister packing, is an excellent and economical present for friends, relatives.
Thousands of people are killed on the roads each year. Many of these accidents are a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Now, finally, we think that there is an answer to this devastating problem!
This is a doze alert device that helps prevent fatigue related automobile accidents. It's wearing on the ear of a driver and works on the principle of electronic balance. If you start to nod off while you are driving and your head falls forward, the smart nap-zapper will buzz in your ear and help you avoid the danger of falling asleep at the wheel. The alarm is not only designed to keep you woke until you get where you are going, but to alert you to your drowsiness so that you can take corrective actions. Either change drivers, take a break (eat and drink) or take a nap.
The alarm is about the size of an external hearing aid and weighs about 16g. It fits snugly around one ear and will stay in place even when glasses are worn.
The alarm monitors the position of the driver's head. It gives out sound at the preset angle. If the driver's head drops forward far enough, the alarm goes off. This position at which the alarm will sound can be adjusted. For example, if your normal driving posture is with eyes and chin pointed down, the device can be set to tolerate that, but will sound off if the chin drops below a certain point. A gravity switch inside the alarm monitors the angle of the driver's head.
Usually, drowsiness will sneak up on you unawares. Nap-zapper will assist you in that area. Stay alert, stay alive, nap-zapper!
Working Principle
Our patent product-Electronic Balanced Anti-drowsy Alarm, which is popularly called nap-zapper, is a high-tech product that works on the principle of electronic balance. It fits on the ear of a driver when he is drowsy or on a long trip. Once a driver feels sleepy during his driving and his head nods forward, the alarm will beep to arouse the alert of the driver and the passengers. It stimulates the nerve to be exciting and eliminates the sleepy feeling, therefore, avoid traffic accidents. It's light-weight (16g.) and comfortable enough even with glasses.
It not only applies for car drivers, bus drivers and truck drivers, but also well applicable for those who supervise the large electric instruments such as Power Station, Communications System, Shipping System, Safety Center, and professionals of TV station who keep working before the dull screen at night. In addition, it helps the students to correct the improper sitting and standing posture, improving their physical conditions.
Technical Index
Alarm Sensibility: Alarming angle is: 15°-20° (adjustable)
Rating for the sound pressure (1cm away from the sound source >= 30dB
Power Source: DC 6V ( AG 12 x 2)
Working Current: 0 (not in alarming state), <= 25mA (when in operation)
Color: Silver gray, yellow, green, red
Dimensions: 75 x 46 x 10 (mm)
Weight: 16.5g
CE approved
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