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AntiSnatch TM Alarm is suitable for fitting to the reverse side of a painting, inside a display case or other object (including vases). It is simple to fit, does not require any additional wiring and is unobtrusive. The alarm detects sudden movements and will alarm immediately if there is a "snatch and grab" attempt. Controlled by a security key, the alarm is battery operated (2 year life) and features a siren capable of producing 112 decibels which is necessary if the alarm is inside a display case. When activated the siren sounds for 30 seconds, silences and rearms. Should you wish, a number of keys can be supplied all the same code to control all the alarms of a gallery. The high sensitivity is adjustable and is suitable for a museum environment. The volume can be reduced by the user.

AntiSnatch Alarm MAG: works as above but additionally can be triggered by a magnet. Often requested for display cases where the magnet is fitted on the door and the alarm on the frame (inside the case). Opening the door will set the alarm's "entry beeps" for 15 seconds to enable you to insert the security key. If this is not done the alarm will sound for 30 seconds.  
Typical Applications of AntiSnatch Alarms
  • Protection of display cases in a temporary exhibition
  • To add an extra layer of security to a room full of paintings
  • Object protection e.g. vases, telescopes, model railway ...
  • To improve the security of a small museum where 2 or 3 exhibits need that extra protection
Product Specification    
Pack Contents:
Standard AntiSnatch Alarm:. battery, sensitivity stick, security key and double sided sticky pads.

MAG version includes a magnet as well as the above.

White or Dark Brown

Standard responds to vibration or shock

MAG responds to vibration or shock and the movement of the magnet.

High - (variable)


112 dB (user can reduce this)
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